What is PsychoTransmitter?

PsychoTransmitter is a blog trying to share research on psychology, mental health, and neuroscience.

People talk about these things at work, home, and social media. Do opposites really attract each other? Is there really a mental health epidemic, where everyone suddenly “burns out” and is getting depressed? And what part of our brain makes us feel happy or sad? These questions don’t just make for exciting dinner conversation but are actually topics under investigation by thousands of researchers across the globe. We want to try to break down some of the fascinating questions and show how studies try to answer them.

Who are we?

We are a growing team of people who are actively involved in research and passionate about sharing some of the exciting things going on. If you want to find out more about us, see the author boxes at the bottom of our blog posts.

Can I get involved?

You certainly can get involved- emphasising the ‘growing team’ part in the previous paragraph! If you’re involved in research yourself and would like to share some of your or other people’s work (or simply help with translations into other languages) do get in touch with us via the contact box on our website!